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Treat Your Book Like The Business That It Is
Your book is an asset that will earn you money. You will...

1. Sell More Books
2. Attract New Clients
3. Speak on more stages

Regardless of where you are searching on the Internet, you are going to find major discrepancies in the prices of publishing services. You'll get an editing quote from one editor for $100 and another for $4,000, which do you choose? These ranges can be utterly overwhelming and stop you dead in your tracks from proceeding forward. 

When you download the Book Cost Blueprint you'll understand—

the publishing process

Your Publishing Options

How much it costs

Your Return on Investment
As a First Time Author, Here's What You DON'T Know...

There are 4 types of editing

That's right! There are 4 types of editing. However, your manuscript may or may not need all 4 types. But, how do you know which types of editing you do need?

You can't design your book cover

Unless you have a graphic design background you should not be doing this yourself. When paying for a cover, should you pay $5 or $5,000? Neither. But, how much should you be paying?

you need all formats

If you are using your book to attract new clients and speak on more stages, you can't have just an ebook. You'll look like an amateur. But, who has the right skills and what is this role called?

Do you have more time or money?

This age old question depends on how good of a project manager you are. Do you have the skillset to get your book published without costly mistakes?
Why Learn from me?
To begin, I am you. I’ve worked in the consulting space for 15 years and grew my consulting practice into the mid-six figures through publishing my thought leadership in the form of a book.

To date I've written and published 6 books of my own. My publishing company Publish Your Purpose Press has published over 60. And I've worked with and coached well over a hundred authors in the last six years.

My personal core mission and subsequently a large part of my company's core focus is to protect.

My goal is to protect you from a terrible first time publishing experience. You don’t know what you don’t know. I know that. And I want to help you navigate through that, which begins with educating you around how much your book is going to cost you to publish.
Jenn T. Grace, Founder & CEO
Award-Winning Author
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